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DR. MARK BREINER: Welcome to the Breiner Whole-Body Health Centre. We have a very unique clinic here in that we have under one roof both dentistry and medicine.

MARIA: It's been wonderful for him to have had the neurofeedback and be who he can be.

DANA: Every aspect of my health has changed.

SHARON: I think it's important, you know, that people know about whole-body dentistry, because they perform important work.

DR. MARK BREINER: I'm Dr. Mark Breiner, head of Whole-Body Dentistry.

DR. ADAM BREINER: And I'm Dr. Adam Breiner, head of Whole-Body Medicine.

DR. MARK BREINER: Together, we offer a very unique experience, and that under one roof you have both medicine and dentistry. My dentistry is practiced from a totally different paradigm, in that I realize the impact that dentistry can have on your total wellbeing, for good or for bad.

DR. ADAM BREINER: And from my perspective, whole-body medicine, we'll look at the entire body to try and bring whole-body wellness. We're doing more than just suppressing symptoms, we're actually bringing about a true change in wellbeing. And I think that's probably why I decided to do naturopathic medicine, versus just the conventional medicine where we're treating symptoms and suppressing things, here we're bringing healing and changing people's lives.

DR. MARK BREINER: I guess what I love about what I do is playing detective. Most of the people that come to me are very sick. And they have, nobody's been able to solve their problems. And it's usually the solution is in the mouth.

JENNIFER: I have seen firsthand the work that Dr. Breiner has done, and I can say that I can trust him completely, not only for myself but for other patients, as well.

DR. MARK BREINER: We look forward to seeing you at the Breiner Whole-Body Health Centre. Together we will offer you a very unique experience and help you achieve a higher level of well being.

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