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DR. MARK BREINER: Well a root canal is where the nerve and blood supply have been removed from the tooth, usually due to an infection in the tooth. Now the problem that's possible with a root canal is twofold. One is energetic and one is from toxins from that root canal. Because every tooth's on an acupuncture meridian, that interfering with the energy flow along that meridian can cause problems at a distant site.

The other problem is that root canals are chronically affected. And if you can quarantine that infection, you'll be okay, but if that infection and those toxins break out of that quarantine, they go out into your system, it can cause all sorts of various health problems.

As one example, I had this professional golfer who had a problem with terrible sinus infections. And every time he'd go off the antibiotics, his sinus infection would come back. Finally, his physician said, "Have your dentist check it out," and I found a problem with the lower molar. And I told him that that lower molar relates to the sinuses energetically. So he elected--and that was a root canal tooth--he elected to remove that tooth. We took that tooth out, and his sinus problems cleared up very rapidly.

But what was interesting, he came back a few weeks later and he said, "You know, I've had this shoulder problem that hasn't allowed me to participate in tournaments, and that's gone also." So, the first problem which cleared up almost instantly, with the pressure in the sinuses, see it was an energetic problem. And the problem with the shoulder was the fact that these toxins and bacteria were coming out of this lower molar, and down into his shoulder. And that's the sort of things that, that we see.

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