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DR. ADAM BREINER: After graduating naturopathic medical school, I decided to explore the brain and different ways to help heal it through natural means. And I learned neurobiofeedback from the world renowned Dr. Margaret Ayers, the inventor of the all digital, real time EEG; one of the first neurophysiologists to start the whole idea of neurobiofeedback, I studied with her. And I also then went on to study with Dr. Richard Neubauer, the pioneer of using hyperbaric oxygen for neurological conditions.

I probably enjoy the learning from my father, and especially being able to discuss patient cases, these difficult cases, and kind of brainstorming, figuring out how we can best help the patient. I think it's unique and you don't find it anywhere else. And we have so much to offer, and I think that's an exciting thing. We're always exploring, trying to do more, learning more, and pushing the envelope, what would be the cutting edge in natural medicine.

DR. MARK BREINER: The paradigm in which I do dentistry is very different than what I learned in dental school. There's a very strong, energetic relationship between the mouth. Every tooth is on an acupuncture meridian that relates to specific organs and tissues. And I got into this area first by nutrition, which started a long time ago when I was in the Army. And it progressed from there.

I was exposed very early on to Dr. Hal Huggins, who talked about possible problems with mercury in the mouth, and the so-called silver fillings; and also about fluoride. And I started going through the medical library and started researching it. And that's really what got me started on this journey to where I am today.

Very early on I studied at the world renowned Pankey Institute, where I learned full mouth rehabilitation, I learned about occlusion and temporomandibular problems. And since then I've naturally continued extensive studying, I'm a fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, and of the International Academy of Medicine and Toxicology--because it's very important that technically you be a very good dentist, besides doing what I do.

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