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DR. ADAM BREINER: When you come in for your initial visit, we sit down for about an hour-and-a-half and I take a very thorough history. So, you're giving me your take on what your history of your current medical problems are, and also going back to childhood so I can get a very good understanding about what is going on with your case. And I kind of think of it like being Sherlock Holmes, you have to be a detective, and to be a good detective you need all the evidence. So, we try and gather that during the initial office visit.

And then I bring the patient in for a physical exam, so we're doing our, you know, standard physical exam. And also looking at it from an aspect of naturopathic medicine, and both the traditional western medicine field, but also looking at an oriental medicine, and other forms of natural medicine that we're trained in.

After that, hopefully time allows that we can do an electrodermal screening analysis, to test the meridian pathways of the body to see which systems are strong, which systems are weak, and how we can best help the body and its healing process, and removal of the obstacles to cure. And if your body hopefully is ready at that time to detoxify. So, we might test for what your toxic load is.

And if warrants, I'll be ordering further testing, such as blood tests, hair mineral analysis, brain spec scans, EEGs--the list goes on because there's a lot of testing that we might want to do, but usually that first visit is very important because it really just gives me a good idea of where I should go from there.

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