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DR. ADAM BREINER: When you come in for a prescreening for a colonic, I want to just make sure that you can actually do the procedure that day, or following. Because I'm going to be certain that there are no medical contraindications or complications that could arise because of the colonic. And then I also do a physical exam afterwards. You know, palpating the abdomen, doing blood pressure and pulse, and listening to heart and lungs, and just making sure that the patient can do the colonic.

FEMALE VOICE: Colonic hydrotherapy is gentle irrigation of the colon. The purpose of it is to keep the body cleansed and detoxified. Most people don't realize that the colon is where your body extracts vitamins, minerals, nutrients and water. And just like other areas that have material passing through, you do build up what's called a mucoid plaque, almost like a tartar, which inhibits those nutrients from moving forward. So, colonic hydrotherapy cleanses that area, removes that mucoid plaque so those nutrients can filter through much easier and efficiently. That's the benefit.

The process is very gentle. We gently introduce water into the colon. We do that gradually, little by little, by increasing pressure. Once the body gets the message that it's full, it will start to contract, and start to break away some of that material. And we'll release the water, that material will be washed out with the water. The process takes about 45 to 50 minutes, it's done very discreetly, it's very comfortable. We have a television in the room, we have aromatherapy, we have music; or patients can just sit back and chat, which most of them like to do.

Some of the results the patients are going to feel afterwards is the feeling of lightness, cleanliness, reduction of any bloatiness in the abdominal wall, and very energetic within the next 24 hour period. Initially they will be tired, they will get a good night's sleep, but in the next 24 hours they'll just feel a boost of energy and feel really, really good, because now we've opened up that filtering system and all those great nutrients that your body needs to thrive on are coming through.

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