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DR. ADAM BREINER: When a patient comes in and is doing a training session, we're placing these electrodes, these are gold electrodes with a special conductive paste, on the patient's scalp, specific to the area of the brain that we're trying to train. And then we're able to see, and the patient's able to see, their brainwaves in real time. And when they're inhibiting the brainwave we're trying to inhibit, and promoting the brainwave we're trying to promote, they get an audible beep or a bell on the screen, as well as a reward count.

And that allows them to get positive feedback in order to put their brainwave into the proper state. We kind of think of this like a workout for the brain. So, we training the brain is a workout, and you're sitting there for about 30 minutes to do a typical training session. And if you're sitting in front of a computer normally for 30 minutes, you won't get tired, but you'll actually, first few times people do this, they're getting a little fatigued because they're actually working their brain out.

EEG bioneurofeedback could be used for a whole host of conditions: attention deficit disorder; ADD; ADHD is typically one; depression; inability to concentrate and focus; people who have anoxic brain injuries; cerebral palsy; stroke; people who also have essential tremors. There are many different conditions that can be helped using the real time EEG feedback.

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