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DR. ADAM BREINER: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is literally oxygen under pressure. And it was typically, traditionally used for divers with the bends or people with smoke inhalations, or people who have difficulty in healing certain types of wounds. We're using hyperbaric oxygen for neurological wounds, or neurological conditions. So we're getting oxygen into the brain and the cerebral spinal fluid, and the whole entire body is getting bathed in this super rich oxygen environment. That promotes it to heal.

When we're using hyperbaric oxygen in our clinic, we're focusing on the neurological conditions. So, some of these could be things such as autism, strokes, traumatic brain injuries, mitochondrial disorders, lime disease. there could be a lot of uses for hyperbaric, and that's just a few of them.

If you think about a brain injury, you have to think of it like, almost as if a bomb went off in an area. Okay, if you had a stroke, and that area is damaged, again you have like a ground zero, and then you have a fallout zone called the penumbra. And that's the area of the brain that we call the recoverable brain. Those are the areas that are in an, sort of a shocked state, that we need to wake up. And when you go in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, you are increasing the pressure with the oxygen now being able to dissolve in all of the bodies fluids, and especially the cerebral spinal fluid. So, you're raising the oxygen levels hundreds of times.

So now those cells in the brain that have been hurt or damaged, that are in a shocked state, are now able to breathe again, and they're able to heal and regenerate. And now we also know the hyperbaric oxygen increases stem cell circulation and production, so that actually you're getting new brain cells growing. Hyperbaric oxygen doesn't increase the oxygen just in one part of the body, but in the entire body. So, all your cells are now able to work more efficiently, with greater energy, and so your body can now heal overall, in a much faster rate. And you can even detoxify better.

Also, oxygen, for certain organisms, they don't like it, so they'll either die or be put into stasis state. So, for instance, the spirochete that causes Lyme disease, does not like high oxygen concentrations. And hyperbaric oxygen can be used to help Lyme patients for that reason.

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