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DR. ADAM BREINER: Lyme Disease is a very serious disease that's greatly overlooked by most physicians. And there are physicians are Lyme literate doctors. And mostly they are using antibiotic therapies. So, sometimes we'll work in conjunction with those doctors, but what I do is, again, look for what's going on in the entire body, the whole body. What other obstacles to cure are there that we need to remove. Are there toxins? Do we have to start removing that? And typically there are, because most Lyme patients can be healthy for a long time, even with the bacteria in them, but something tips them over the edge at some point, and that usually is some sort of toxicity.

So we look to remove those toxicities. We also look to enhance the body to help get rid of the Lyme by using homeopathics that we detect using a electrodermal screening, and then we can make a very specific homeopathic remedy for the individual patient, almost like a vaccine for what's going on in you. And we'll also use other methods to help the patient, and that could be anything from using neurobiofeedback, hyperbaric oxygen and other modalities that we offer.

We have gotten some of the worst cases that have walked into our doors, because a lot of these people have gone through the antibiotic therapies and have not achieved full results yet. So, we've been able to get them back to their normal life, their energy's back, they're able to concentrate again. Their paint's decreased. Depending on the case, we've seen some very dramatic results for a lot of our patients.

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