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LUCY: I had an infected roof canal that I knew was bothering me, it was painful, but I also had bad headaches and dizzy, severe fatigue. And thank god I had just picked up Dr. Mark Breiner's book, "Whole Body Dentistry." And I read it, and it made so much sense. So, I had gone to other doctors, I didn't know where he was located. I live in New York, I didn't know where he was. So I had gone to four different dentists and they all said my root canal tooth was perfect. Took an x-ray, there was nothing wrong with it.

And I would walk out thinking, maybe there's something else. I went to my regular doctor and they tested me for everything, 'cause I was so, so sick. And then finally I went and got his book, called up information, they said he was in Connecticut, which is only a half an hour from my house. Made an appointment, came here; within five minutes he knew it was very infected, recommended having it pulled.

The day I had it pulled, my whole life changed. My headache disappeared within minutes. The colors got brighter, the sky was more blue, the grass was green. I was just a different, changed person. And I don't think I'd be alive, I was so, so sick. I think he just saved my life, so thank god I read that book. I would never have known of him.

Also, he took out my silver fillings, which gave me so much energy, and now I run about five miles a day. I'm not fatigued. I used to get these waves of depression, for no reason, and I have none of that. I'm just like a different person, and I owe it to Dr. Mark Breiner.

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