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JENNIFER: I have been here since 1995, and I really enjoy it. It's a very different dental experience for people. And I like it because we see such a change when patients first come, and then after they've gone through their treatment, as well, it's amazing the differences that people go through. And that part I really enjoy. And we really try to offer not only high quality dental care, but also really comfortable environment, progressive techniques, conservative techniques as well. So, it's definitely not your average dental office.

AMY: Most people, after they've had their amalgam silver fillings removed, most of the people say that they have, you know, better energy, they feel lighter, just more positive. I had my amalgams out, and then I also had a root canal tooth removed. I was pretty sick for a couple months with sinus infections. So, I decided to have Dr. Breiner remove that tooth, that relates to the sinuses. And since then I haven't been sick.

And for me, I wouldn't, I wouldn't let anybody else do my dental work. Just because I trust, you know, trust him, I've known him for, you know, so long, and I just feel that I'm in good hands.

JENNIFER: I have actually not only worked here, but I've been a patient, as well. And I can truly say that the work that Dr. Breiner has done for me has been really great. I have had my fillings replaced, so I don't have any silver amalgam fillings. And he did that for me a long time ago. And all my fillings have lasted, I've never had a problem. And cosmetically as well, he's done the Luminaire procedure, which is great. It's so conservative, it's not painful, it's easy and I mean the results are really fantastic.

So, everything's been great about it. So, he's meticulous in what he does and I wouldn't have him work on my mouth if I didn't completely trust what he was dong. And I know patients feel the exact same way.

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