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ELIZABETH: Over the last few years with noticing some various things going on, mental, losing my mental concentration, mental focus. And I had a horrible time getting out of bed in the morning, just horrible fatigue, even climbing a flight of stairs, I had like intense muscle burning. And I did some research, found out about mercury, found Dr. Breiner online, and I just, I knew like this is what I had to have done. So I came here, had the removal done, and this completely drastic experience for me.

When we went mountain biking on a mountain biking trip, and the mountain that I had like a horrible time walking up, walking my bike up, I actually was riding up with no problem, and my husband couldn't keep up with me. And whereas I was having a hard time remembering a sequence of six dance steps, I could think of a dance three months ago we did and remember the whole thing. It was very drastic.

And then my other issue was, like horrible PMS, and anger outbursts that I'm embarrassed to say, just horrible. And just feeling like a totally different person prior to the removal. I feel I'm at balance, I'm a balanced individual now, and I'm a better mother, I'm a better wife. I'm just a better person. My emotions are more of an even keel, I have more energy. I just feel like I'm able to enjoy life more fully.

I highly recommend Dr. Breiner to everybody. And the staff here, they're absolute angels. I don't know what I would've done without them, as well. So to find Dr. Breiner, I mean, it was a godsend.

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