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DANA: I used to be an advocate for people with disabilities at a center for independent living in Stratford. And one day an article came across my desk about hyperbaric oxygen, and the use of that as a treatment for people with CP. I came here to listen to Adam do a lecture on the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen. And I started to do the treatments, and it really did help me. He's made me much stronger. The oxygen cleared up my skin a lot, everything's changed. I started to do the treatments, and it was funny, 'cause after my first treatment, I went to work out, and my right side, I always had trouble lifting this leg, and I still do, but I mean, I lifted it way up, and I went, "Is that me or did this leg go way up?" And my trainer was like, "Yeah."

So, I just kept going with it. And I had such a wonderful experience, I did that, and at the same time I did some of the neurofeedback therapy. And it improved my depth perception. But it's really because they listen to you here. You come here, it's a peaceful atmosphere. They're kind to you. They don't pressure you. It's just a whole, the name Whole-Body Medicine encompasses it.

I had a problem back in 2005, 'cause I developed an allergy to nickel, due to my orthotic. The design of the orthotic on my left leg was different than the one on my right leg, and it was more closely fitted to the leg. And the allergy to nickel kept getting worse and worse, and nobody would listen to me. Finally, they were able to cover the rivets, but I was stuck with this terrible allergy where I couldn't even touch anything that contained nickel. I would get nauseas.

And so I called Adam one day, and I said, "It's getting worse and worse, I can't touch anything." So I came in here, and he said, "Okay, I'll desensitize you, but I also need to detox you, 'cause you have Candida in your stomach," and all this other stuff. So I went on a whole detoxification program.

He really is a genius. And he does work here that you don't get from traditional doctors. You go to the traditional doctor and they don't listen to you. Your entire self gets taken into consideration. And I trust him. I don't trust physicians very much, because they think everything has to do with your disability. They don't have time for you. And they don't pay attention. You come in with a symptom and they go, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, you know, goodbye."

And they don't do that here. They take the long road, even if it takes a long time. But they get results.

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