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GLADYS: October 28th 2007, my son was in a car accident. The doctor didn't give me no hope. They said, "If he pass, 24 hours, it will be a miracle." I always had a positive attitude. I would say, "No, he will, he will, I know, I know God is not going to take him yet. It's not his time." We brought him here, and we started therapy right away. And I think at the third therapy, third hour in a chamber, I started seeing the improvement of my boy. He was more alert, he was making more movement. He was like, paying attention to everything.

But it still, doctors didn't say nothing, they are like, "He's, it's not possible." I said, "Well, it is." So, Dr. Breiner told me that he was going to keep continuing hours in the hyperbaric. He said from 40 to 80. But if you see the change right now, well it's working. I said, "Well, we keep bringing him." And he kept moving, he kept doing a lot of things that he wasn't doing before.

The doctors that work with him in the operation, they still don't believe it. He's eating regular food and all that. And he's talking. He's not conversation, but he is like, we ask him questions, he knows, he recognize people, he recognize numbers. His birthday was on October 24th, he knew the day of his birthday. We ask him, "Do you know what--" the birthday was the 24th, the accident was the 28th. So, the 28th, I ask him, "Tito, you know what happened today?" And he said, "Yes." I said, "What happened?" "Accident." And then he says, "I don't remember."

This therapy wake his brain up completely. Completely. Because he was recognizing people, and he was doing things slowly. But after the therapy, he's more alert. You ask him question, and he talk to you, not with voice, but you can read what he's saying. I don't know how to express my thanks to Dr. Breiner and his staff, the way they treat my boy, and the improvement that my son done.

And I know one of these days, he's going to get up. He's going to get up and I'm going to bring him here. And I say, "Dr. Breiner, here's my boy. Thank you very much for what you did, with your wonderful therapy, to my boy."

TITO: Hello, everyone.

DR. ADAM BREINER: And raise your hands, show me how you move your hands. Excellent.

GLADYS: Just like that.

FEMALE VOICE: Just put the other one down, so you can see only one.

DR. ADAM BREINER: That's right. Just put--

GLADYS: You want to let your finger go.

FEMALE VOICE: There you go.

FEMALE VOICE: And is it now, now you wave. Yay!


DR. ADAM BREINER: Yay, good.

TITO: Hyperbaric.

DR. ADAM BREINER: And this is oxygen.

TITO: Oxygen.


TITO: Therapy.

DR. ADAM BREINER: So now read it, go ahead and try it.

TITO: Okay. This was oxygen--


TITO: --therapy.

DR. ADAM BREINER: Right, oxygen therapy. Is that what you did?

TITO: Yeah.

DR. ADAM BREINER: Yeah? [laughter]

TITO: It was nice when he, you all.

GLADYS: Thank you, Dr. Breiner.

TITO: Thank you, Dr. Breiner.

DR. ADAM BREINER: You're welcome, Tito.

FEMALE VOICE: Look at the camera, Tito.

DR. ADAM BREINER: Give us a big smile.

FEMALE VOICE: Tito, big smile. That's it, yay!

GLADYS: Yeah, yeah!

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