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ANNE: I initially came here because I contracted Lyme disease, and I had gone the typical route where you take antibiotics for a period of time, couple weeks. And then I ended up having severe muscle aches, joint pain. I was exhausted. I'm a really energy person and I was falling asleep during the day or feeling as if I was going to fall asleep. So I had looked into, and I kept finding this name, "Whole-Body Medicine," time and time again. And in addition to that, I had some problems with after effects of chemotherapy, I'm a cancer survivor.

And I was in the process of selling my company, so I was under really high stress. So, my DHA and cortisol levels were extremely high, and all my stress hormones. So, we had like a journey to go through together to get through all this. And I'd been seeing her for two years, I got involved in doing VMT, which is the visceral manual therapy. I also did a lot of enzyme and--or, you know, herbal work, and homeopathic work. And continue on today to my goal, which is to get healthy.

I've, it's been an enormous change from where I started and where I ended up. If you saw me two years ago and you saw me today, it's a totally different person. And I'm really fortunate that I actually found them. I've done a lot of homeopathic work and naturopathic work for my whole life. So, I kind of knew what direction to go in, but I couldn't get there with other traditional doctors.

As a cancer survivor, a lot of people give out my telephone number, and I speak to people that are going through similar situations, or that have gone through illnesses. And I've given out their name to many, many people, and I would highly, highly recommend them.

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