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MARIA: The teacher had called me, and said that Raymond was having difficulty focusing and difficulty keeping on task at school, and to the point that she had to move his desk to be right next to her desk. And I had heard about Dr. Breiner from a friend, and I called and we made an appointment, and Raymond started the neurofeedback treatment. We had contacted the teacher to let her know that we were handling this, and that we would touch base with her at the end of the month, to see if she had seen any improvement. And amazingly, within two weeks, she called and she'd already moved his desk, moved him back to a seat in the back of the room, he no longer needed to be right by her desk. So that's how quickly she saw improvements, we saw improvements.

At home, it used to be difficult just even the morning routine, as far as getting dressed and having breakfast, getting ready for school. And it was, I had to follow him around to make sure that he was, you know, getting dressed, because he was so easily distracted. And you know, which should only take a few minutes took a good hour, that whole process. And so, we saw those improvements at home, as well.

And now he's happy and confident, and he made first honors. And so it's been an amazing experience, it's been wonderful for him to have had the neurofeedback, and be who he can be.

The experience itself was like a game for him, because the neurofeedback is set up in such a way that it's in real time. And there's the immediate gratification in the process of doing the game during the process of neurofeedback. So, it really is not, there's no pain involved [laughs] it's fun, there's fun involved.

RAYMOND: I just thought it was really fun, 'cause there's like lines going up and down, so you're just watching, it's kind of like watching a video, almost. I feel I listen a lot, I learn more. And it's just more fun learning.

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